Monday, August 25, 2014

Masterpiece MP-20 Wheeljack will be released September 20th!

MP-20 is scheduled for release in Japan on September 10. Available at BigBadToyStore

BBTS News: Transformers ES Gokin Optimus Prime Commander Convoy and Rodimus Prime

ES Gohkin Optimus Prime/Commander Convoy Available at BigBadToyStore
By: Fewture
Height approx 4.3" (110mm) (non-scale)
Material die-cast, ABS, PVC, POM

[Set Contents]
-Optimus Prime
-Laser rifle x1
-Gun holding hand (L/R)
-Base stand x1

ES Gohkin Rodimus Prime Available at BigBadToyStore
By: Fewture

Pre-Painted Complete Figure (Non-Transformable)
Size: Approx. 4.3" (110mm Tall) (Non-scale)
Material: Diecast, ABS, PVC, POM

[Set Contents]
-Photon eliminator x1
-Gun holding hand (L/R)
-Base stand x1 News: Electroplated Chrome MP-10 KO Optimus Prime Masterpiece Transformers figure just sent me pictures of what could potentially be the next generation KO MP-10. Could this be their way of working around the reissue of the Hasbro MP-10? Stay tuned for more. Save $5 at with code rpa5.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

BBTS news: Lost Exo-Realm - LER-02 Cubrar & Tekour By FansProject

Follow up to the popular and cool Columpio


Size - About 8.3" tall in robot mode.

Cubrar is the second figure in the Lost Exo-Realm series, he transforms from robot to triceratops. Also included is the mini figure Tekour who transforms from robot mode into a battle axe for Cubrar to wield. 


Thursday, August 21, 2014

MP-10 KO Version 2 renewal in hand pictures and Review

Just got it last night and took some pictures! Available at use code RPA5 for $5 off

Metallic finish paint

Chest gap corrected

Metallic finish on legs

Forearm gap eliminated
Available at use code RPA5 for $5 off

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Takara LG-07 Jetfire Skyfire up for preorder!


Don't like the red chrome of the new Leader Class Hasbro Jetfire/Skyfire? Takara, of course, gets the arguably better paint deco which features matching red parts replacing the red chrome. It also features of course extra paint apps. Get yours at BigBadToyStore

Friday, July 18, 2014

MP-18 Streak Bluestreak KO Masterpiece comparison and review

I received a package from the other day. It was none other than a long awaited  Masterpiece MP-18 Replica (KO). Here are a few comparison pictures in vehicle mode.

On the KO (LEFT), the window was very clouded compared to the Takara (RIGHT). In hand the difference is not as bad as this closeup. I will be trying to buff it out from underneath in case it is mold release.

Takara (LEFT), KO (RIGHT)

Takara (LEFT) KO (RIGHT)

Takara (LEFT) KO (RIGHT)

Takara (LEFT) KO (RIGHT) I noticed the Z emblem has en extra ring and the Autobot logo is better printed on the KO
The headsculpt is where you will find the biggest difference.
The KO (LEFT) has a softer sculpt in the helmet but has a more symmetrical face. The Takara has a sharper sculpt but something is up with the right side cheek. it sits higher and cuts through the edge of his mouth and not the other. Clearly though, the Takara seems better finished.

If you wanna see them together in robot mode, check out the video below. If you wanna buy cool stuff like this, check out and use code RPA5 for $5 discount.