Tuesday, April 15, 2014

MP-10 KO Optimus Prime Convoy Transformers Masterpiece

As of March this year of 2014, the MP-10 KO has been making the rounds on ebay and other places. KO makers have been very busy and this is their most ambitious release to date. Much like the MP-12J, they have made changes. The MP-12J sported a new color and this MP-10 sports more paint apps than the Takara Convoy it's based on. There are even some improvements made in this KO version over the Takara version. Most informaiton you will want to know will be in the video below. If you are looking for one of these you will wanto to check out http://www.tf-direct.com to grab your very own. Use the code RPA5 to get $5 off your order. Order more than $150 and get 10% off on top of that.

As you can see, it looks damn good.

You'll notice the yellow crotch plate no longer has a screw hole. These were one of the improvements made.
An excellent improvement is having the index finger pinned in so you never lose it like you would on the Takara.

Notice the extra dark silver paint apps.
The back really shows off the extra paint apps not found on the Takara,

The back of the calves sport some extra paint apps too. The thighs on the KO are painted Silver as opposed to being molded in grey plastic.

Cab you believe the KO guys painted the tail lights but Takara didnt?
Here is a side by side picture so you can really see the differences between the two.
To really see what's going on check out the video below. To grab one of your own, visit http://www.tf-direct.com and use the code RPA5 to get $5 off your order. Order more than $150 and get 10% off on top of that.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Anime Export Exclusive Neo Getter Black Version LE 1500

If you follow my Facebook you may have seen my post about a lost Aoshima Neo Getter Black Version Anime Export Limited Exclusive. Well USPS finally got around to delivering it. Aside from that, the only issue I had was a broken arm blade tip. This is because this figure has elbow joints that are friction fit to the upper arm. Due to the weight of the diecast forearm and low friction of the joint, the forearms fall off easily. This was the case with mine. The arms came off and banged around inside the box causing the blade tip to break. It's suck a small break that its not noticeable but it still sucks.

Anyways, enough nitpicking. This is a $40 (currently 70% off!) figure released by Aoshima as an Anime-Export limited release of 1500 units. Apparently not as popular as expected. However the figure is beautiful and HEAVY. Its almost all diecast metal. Deserving of a spot in your display case or shelf.
Each box comes numbered. 1500 units made.
The box surface has a gridlike texture.
The back has some bold red font bearing the name of the set.
The tray is all styrofoam for safely securing the figure in the box. Unfortunately because of it loos elbows, the forearms fall all and bang about.
The figure has a beautiful glossy black finish all over its metal body. As you can see, the forearms will stay on. There is enough friction to keep them on during display but not so much during posing. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the extending elbow which allows more articulation of the elbows. It's a shame the elbows aren't very secure but if you deal with figures, you know tightening joints is a couple of drops of glue/nail polish/floor polish away.
The figure has a very basic but appealing design.
The doors on top of the pods on the back open up to reveal two holes where included missiles can be placed and shot out. The missiles are just like old school missiles so be careful. (not safe for kids)
Another neat feature is the glow-in-the-dark panels on the body and eyes.
I suggest snatching one of these up at Anime-Export.com while they are still available. This all for the price of a couple of cheap plastic transformers.

KO Takara Tomy Masterpiece MP-17 Prowl out now!

KO MP-10 Optimus Prime and MP-08 Grimlock have barely been out on the market and already the MP-17 Prowl is making it's outing on the ever popular auction site. Although buying KO's is easier on the wallet, you should always support legitimate products. You can grab an official MP-17 Prowl from BigBadToyStore.com

Ladies and gentleman, KO Prowl. These pictures are from the auciton site that is selling the KO. Hard to know for sure if they are using KO photos or not. I will be getting in a KO Prowl of my own within the next two weeks. Stay tuned for comparisons.
Hard to say whether the pics are of an original Prowl or not. The matte finish and ribbing on the box screams original but who knows for sure until I get mine in.

If this really is a KO, they have done a great job.

If you want a real Prowl, make sure to check out BigBadToyStore

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Unique Toys Maniaking Messiah UT-G01 Not Galvatron Transformers figure

Unique Toys Maniaking available at BigBadToyStore.com

I've been waiting a good while for a nice new rendition of Galvatron. Unique Toys did an incredible job with this guy.
The presentation gets a thumbs up from me. Although the figure is all plastic, the box makes it feel like you've got a rock inside. All of the weight is due to the extra sturdy box material. Nothing flimsy here.

The back has a textured feel to it.

Box right

Box left
No expense spared in keeping the figure snug during transport. It sleeps in a foam diecut tray.
Galva...I mean Maniaking looks beautiful. Doesn't even look like a transforming figure

No crazy kibble to be found, only a nicely arranged backpack.

The figure has excellent sculpting and a sharply molded parts. I am really liking the face sculpt.

Maniaking is really well articulated. The lower body joints are friction type while the shoulder have very strong ratchet-type joints providing some satisfying clicking action.

I have to say that although it's not the easiest transformation, it is very well engineered. I found myself saying wow a few times. Unique Toys has some really clever designers.
Even though the back is a bit busy, aside from the head, there really isn't anything that immediately screams robot body parts. Everything has a place which is why I am soooo surprised the head just hangs there. Unique Toys Maniaking available at BigBadToyStore.com
Check out the video review!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

KO MP-10 Masterpiece Optimus Prime

So its finally out there. The improved MP-10 and it's a KO. Will be getting one for review from a friend soon so stay tuned so you know where to pick yours up.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Year of the Horse Platinum Edition Optimus Prime

Cant find an MP-10 at a reasonable price? Do yourself a favor and grab one of these at BBTS.com. Their priced $10 cheaper than TRU who share this exclusive release.

Hasbro vs. Takara Skywarp

I was finally able to pick up Hasbro's new Skywarp at retail. It cost me $12.99. The Takara on the right cost me $40 plus shipping. Don't I feel like a dumbass. If I didnt buy the Takara, I bet the Hasbro one would've been ugly. That's my luck