Saturday, April 30, 2011

Daltanious GX-56 Update, and TF Scourge

So we all know, I hope, that the almighty SOC Daltanius GX-59 was released on April 26th. And we all know I was anxiously awaiting it. I brought you the first up close video available, at least on Youtube and I gave you guys some real nice closeups. So it's only natural I would be one of the first to have this lovely figure in my hands. Well, it turns out I received the almighty GX-59 today, a mere 4 days after its release. However not in my hands...they happened to deliver it to the wrong post office. What's the chances of that right? Not only did this defeat the purpose of paying a very expensive EMS shipping option, but I missed out on bringing you an upclose look this weekend of the figure.

The good news is, although I wont have any exclusive footage for you guys, I am doing the review of the GX-59 for Although I want to have the review up as soon as possible, I also want to make it one of the best reviews I can possibly make. I tossed out my old backdrops, put away my very trusty Sony Cybershot DSC-W80 (which I have used for ALL my photo reviews up until now.) I also recently retired my Sony Webbie HD camera which was used up until a few weeks ago.

My new arsenal now consists of a new Canon Rebel T3 for photos and a new Canon HF-S100 HD Video Camera. I brought out the big guns for this Daltanious review.I also have a couple of new backdrops. So far the Canon T3 is better than I thought.

Moving on to other news, I finally found Generations Scourge in the stores. My review will probably come late in the game since there are other reviews in the works right now, but know that this figure is darn cool. Check out the other reviews available and try and tell me I'm wrong.

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