Friday, January 27, 2012

Youtube 200 Subs giveaway

As of right now, I have 195 subscribers on my Youtube channel. To celebrate the upcoming 200th sub, I will be doing a giveaway. I've narrowed it down to a robot-related giveaway, possibly a Transformer of sorts. I will be keeping the giveaway simple and non-expensive just to see how it goes this time. If everything goes well and I keep hitting subscriber milestones, I'll think about investing a bit more. For now don't expect a Masterpiece figure. I'm shooting for a deluxe class figure of a character I own here in my collection that hasn't been opened and that I won't miss too much if I give away. The important thing is that it's FREE and it's my way of thanking you guys for the support. There will be a tiny string attached which I will get into later on. The only way to get in on this action is to obviously subscribe if you haven't and keep an eye out for the upcoming vlog video with details. Stay tuned!


  1. congrats Chachi! you totally deserve more subscribers! hardest working reviewer on collection dx (don't tell anyone else I said that)

  2. update:you have 204 subscribers on you Youtube channel now!!!! congratulations chachi excellent work!!! thanks for taking the time to this.

    Greetings from Colombia