Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Takara Hybrid Style Convoy THS-02

Ok where the hell has this been all my life?! How on earth did this escape my grasp?! I just won this on eBay for about $40 which was way cheaper than other sellers were asking as "BIN". I received this the other day and had a few moments to check it out. This thing is like a little jewel. It gleams and it hit all the right fun buttons with me. This little thing is impressive. It's seriously a tiny Masterpiece figure. It even comes with a trailer! If Takara was to make an entire line of all the G1 figures in this format, I would NEED to buy them all. It's seriously that cool to me. The downside? According to Peaugh's review, it may have a fragile spot. Since the previous owner was afraid to break it, he never transformed it. I believed him after I checked mine out. No scuffs on any part of the figure, even where there is metal to metal contact. If you guys haven't checked him out, watch the video review.

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