Saturday, February 2, 2013

Review updates 2/2/13

I have my poor little blog neglected, I'm just so busy with stuff lately. Still waiting on MP-13 Soundwave. The worst part is that it is 10 minutes away from me at a local post office where it wont be delivered to me for 2 days :(

I also have the Mazinger Z DX Chogokin on its way soon along with some miscellaneous transformers and what-not.

If you have been following my youtube channel for a while, you will notice a few changes. New graphics, new music, a ton more gokin reviews and a return of the diecast glowing gimmick albeit not as fancy as before but its back for the most part. I even have an excellent artist working on a new robot design for my graphics based on the guitar playing robot I use in my videos. I am tempted to show it in progress but I will wait until its done.

I've been mostly busy with reviews on RPA, but I have been throwing down some new stuff on CDX. I just recently did the Yamato Metal Boy Gokin Black Getter which has some cool pictures.

I also did a full video on my channel.

I am currently working on the Dark Energon BBTS Exclusive Voyager Megatron and Optimus. By the time you read this, the videos should be up on CDX.

In about a week or two, I should be receiving the two sets of Asia Exclusive Seekers. Really looking forward to those.

Instead of piling up this post with video links, visit my channel for all the latest videos on my bots. Also visit CollectionDX for some other stuff I do plus much more. I also have my older channel with older robot reviews and newer non robot sci-fi related stuff on my Chachipower channel.

I guess thats it for now.

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