Monday, February 10, 2014

Popy Victora DAIRUGGER XV mini Gokin robot toy with review video

I am a sucker for little cheap vintage robot toys. This happens to be one of them. The Popy Victora Dairugger.
This specimen is dead stock, case fresh
The back shows some incredible artwork.
There is a certain charm about these figures.
It was made to be really really cheap, for those kids that weren't fortunate enough to get the more deluxe versions, but the detailing is still fairly nice.
For some reason, they took liberties in the colors.
Proudly made in Japan
It comes with a small Land Team rubber vehicle
To the right of the Victora Dairugger XV is the Taiwan bootleg version which aside from having more correct colors, has Rocket-Punch gimmick!

Check out the video below

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