Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Unique Toys Maniaking Messiah UT-G01 Not Galvatron Transformers figure

Unique Toys Maniaking available at

I've been waiting a good while for a nice new rendition of Galvatron. Unique Toys did an incredible job with this guy.
The presentation gets a thumbs up from me. Although the figure is all plastic, the box makes it feel like you've got a rock inside. All of the weight is due to the extra sturdy box material. Nothing flimsy here.

The back has a textured feel to it.

Box right

Box left
No expense spared in keeping the figure snug during transport. It sleeps in a foam diecut tray.
Galva...I mean Maniaking looks beautiful. Doesn't even look like a transforming figure

No crazy kibble to be found, only a nicely arranged backpack.

The figure has excellent sculpting and a sharply molded parts. I am really liking the face sculpt.

Maniaking is really well articulated. The lower body joints are friction type while the shoulder have very strong ratchet-type joints providing some satisfying clicking action.

I have to say that although it's not the easiest transformation, it is very well engineered. I found myself saying wow a few times. Unique Toys has some really clever designers.
Even though the back is a bit busy, aside from the head, there really isn't anything that immediately screams robot body parts. Everything has a place which is why I am soooo surprised the head just hangs there. Unique Toys Maniaking available at
Check out the video review!

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