Monday, January 31, 2011

From race cars to robots

So yeah, about 2 years ago I was drifting on a race track burning up free Dunlop tires and living the dream, now I'm doing toy reviews on Youtube and which is another passion of mine. Well the racing thing was AWESOME but it came to a halt due to bad business decisions, loss of sponsor backup and lack of funds. Did the racing thing for about 16 years so it got old and expensive. However, my time with cars was some of the best times I've ever experienced.

Now, Ive always been a HUGE fan of robot toys as far as I can remember. So now that I don't have cars to keep me occupied, I spend a lot of time messing around with robots.
Since then I have married the girl of my dreams and as I write this, our little baby girl is residing inside of her belly. Damn it's crazy to think we have come together to create a HUMAN BEING. It's so surreal. Makes everything else little by comparison. It's funny how one chapter of life closes and another starts. Racing may be in my past but I've moved on to other things so I'm still happy as ever. I've started a family, I've bought a motorcycle and I've started to "work" full time at my hobby..oh and full time at my actual career too. I think it's important to have a hobby to help forget the struggles in life. I'm sure my life will change even more when my little baby girl is born.

So if you like robots, keep checking here as I post about my newest acquisitions! Maybe once in a while I'll throw in some old race car stories.

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  1. Just happened to stumble on your blog.
    Awesome stuff.. and congrats on your baby girl!