Monday, January 31, 2011

Super 7 Shogun Stormtrooper

If you are here you have probably been following my videos on Youtube or written reviews on Well now I've started a blog to basically provide a place to talk about my happenings from day to day. To start off my new blog, I will be talking a bit about my newest brand spanking new Super 7 Shogun Stormtrooper!

Super 7 must have shipped this to me in the Millenium Falcon because I got it FAST. I believe I ordered it Friday or Saturday and I got it today. The box is about 8-9 pounds! By the way, it is shipped with an awesome outer box which contains the actual box inside. Once I sliced open the packing tape and pried open the top flap, I was greeted with an inner box wrapped in tissue paper.

Right away I knew I had something special. I quickly removed the tissue and was blown away by an awesome Machinder inspired box. It has a beautiful chrome Star Wars logo. This logo is of the 70's variety.

When I pulled off the lid, I gasped when I saw the gigantic Stormtrooper wrapped in plastic with his trusty Blastech rifle and fist neatly laying next to him. Fist? yes a fist, this bad boy shoots his fist as a tribute to the great Machinder/Shogun Warriors of the past. It was a blow molded beauty. Mine is number 1058 out of 1200...If my memory serves me correct. I will have to check to make sure. Well I am very happy with it. It is standing next to my Shogun Warriors Golion...that's right a Shogun Warriors Golion, not Voltron nor the Popy Golion. This is a new release by Toynami. Check that out if you can!

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