Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Evil Dead 2: Farewell to arms

Just picked this guy up today at a local TRU. Looks pretty nice and I kind of dig Bruce Campbell movies so look forward to a video review soon.

Evil Dead 2 "Farewell to arms"
Update 3/31/12: So I decided to open the figure to check it out and it was missing a left hand. Clearly it is shown in the picture above but at the time of opening, I didn't see it and never thought to refer to the picture above to see if it originally came with one. Originally I had complained about it missing but then I painfully found the hand in my shoe when I went to wear it. However, when I was "messing" with it, the elbow snapped really easily. I was bummed out. I really wanted to like this figure. So I had to go out and get another which turned out fine. Video review is finally done so check it out.

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