Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I had never heard of this KO until I plain just saw it on clearance for $13. Great price, but is it a great figure? I would have to say YES. I was pleasantly surprised at its quality for a KO. Some things weren't perfect like how the engine would not clip to Sunstreaker's back. A little filing took care of that. I recently decided to convert this KO into a Tigertrack figure which was easily done with a Sideswipe head I had laying around and the already existing shoulder cannon which is another ill-fitting piece. It pegs in but quickly pops out of the shoulder. In the end, still worth what I paid. Makes a great stand in for a legit Sunstreaker. Videos below.
FYI: KO on left, Hasbro on right

This Sunstreaker was quickly converted into Tigertrack.   

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