Friday, October 18, 2013

KO MP-12T Tigertrack Masterpiece robot figure

I just put up a post about the Takara MP-12T which I just recently got and no sooner is that up and I already have the KO version. Very nicely done. Pretty much identical. This is not one of those factory rejects, this is a full blown exact copy. Stay tuned for video comparison.

Straight from China in a padded envelope...really? Can't tell but back of box is crushed. Always aske seller if they are shipping in an envelope or box. Standard so far is $3 more for a box.
KO on top, Takara on bottom
Tray and layout identical to the Takara
Comes with full color manual, sticker sheet, spec card and a bonus accessory set of piledrivers
Good paint finish.
This KO says Lamborghini Countach!
Robot mode
Takara on left, KO on right.

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