Sunday, October 20, 2013

Korean Bootleg: Bican Robot

I don't remember when or why I bought this, mostly likely an eBay impulse buy, but it's an interesting piece. Korean toys, at least bootleg ones are a strange bunch. They take a nice box with cool artwork, a Styrofoam tray, then stick the cheapest toy possible inside of it. And yet it's still cool somehow. I think the box is what really gives the toy it's charm. The toy on it's own, let's say you find it loose in some toy lot, ends up just being a horrid piece. It's just slightly above being party favor quality.

The piece I have for you guys today, is called Bican Robot made by a company unknown to me. It's mostly laid out in Korean so I have no clue what's going on. What I do know is that it's a bootleg of Baikanfu which is a nesting robot. So you have the outer robot, then you have a secondary inner robot called Kenryu. Then nestled inside of Kenryu is Rom Stoll. Yes, this is similar to Gordian/Gardian, another nesting robot. This toy however, does not have Kenryu built in. They pretty much bypass him and give you a teeny Rom Stoll.
The front of the box is actually pretty cool and very 80's. See the window where Bican is peeking through? That's actually cut out by hand! You can see the scoring marks from a pen and parts where they overcut.

The artwork on the back is awesome. Probably the best part of owning this. Notice how colorful Bican Robot is. Korean kids must have been very pissed onced they opened the box.
WTF? What happened to the very colorful robot depicted on the front of the box?!! That's what I meant before about Korean kids being pissed. There are two different plastics used. White and Blue. Bican takes up
Bican stands about 4" tall, not sure exactly. The amount of time required to measure isn't worth my time on something of this quality. Rom Stoll is there just chillin'.
Seeing as the front of the figure is boring, the back is even more so.
They've gone ahead and skipped the whole part where Rom Stoll nests inside of Kenryu that nests inside of Baikanfu. Although the rest of the toy design would give the impression that other body panels open up for fitment of another robot, only Rom Stoll is included... oh and nothing else really opens up, they are fake hinges on the sides of the legs.
Here is Bican with his included weapons. By the way, this is the actual color of Bican Robot, not the yellow the other pictures lead you to believe. I just had the white balance set up wrong.
I still like this piece regardless of how horrible it is.

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