Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DC Universe Batman Legacy Batman First Appearance Action figure

I like to get my dose of Batman figures once in a while but I am very very picky. I mostly only like the classic style Batman. You know the blue and grey suit ot the black and grey. I dont like Batmans with backpacks, missile launchers, scuba gear etc. I like a simple classic Batman. I ended up seeing this fellow at TRU where they had apparently opened up a case of these as they were EVERYWHERE. I noticed two things. His ears were weird and he was wearing purplish/pink gloves. It was either an old Batman design figure or a crazy doctor dressed up as Batman getting ready to do a rectal exam. Either way, it was going to be cool. So I bought it. Check out the review of this Batman as he appeared in the 1939 issue of Detective Comics back in the day when he wore silly gloves.

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