Sunday, April 15, 2012

Encore 21 Soundblaster

Takara... Seriously... What is going on? Your products are horrible as of late. Lack of paint apps on an otherwise good figure is one thing, but shitty molding and QC issues is another. I just opened this guy up and there are scuff marks all over the silver in tapedeck mode. Then i went to put on the shouldercannon/battery and realized that the red stripe sticker was applied crooked. Not only was it severly crooked, but it was on the opposite end over another sticker! Then there is an eyesore on the shoulder where the two halves of the mold meet or dont meet I should say. Cheap dollar store toys have these issued, but a 70 dollar collectible shouldnt. Takara needs to step it up or change factories. Im tired of expensive crap. Get your act together... Even smaller third party companies are putting out better stuff. Now im wondering if I should get it exchanged. I probably wont as this probably affects the store i buy from. Otherwise its a cool black repaint of Soundwave. Cassette robots are pretty good.

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