Sunday, September 1, 2013

KO MP-12 Lambor Sideswipe Masterpiece vs. Takara Lambor Sideswipe

I finally got in the KO MP-12 I ordered. I was keeping my expectations low because I only paid $40 shipped for it. However once I received it, I was pretty much in shock. Somehow even though they sent it in a padded envelope, it wasn't crushed at all.

So many of you are wondering how close it is to the original. Well it's as close as you can friggin' get! Same weight, same plastic feel and overall quality. My piece has tight joints and very hard to distinguish from the original. I actually ended up putting the KO in my display case by mistake for a while! The only thing that really kept it from being 100% is the paint finish. Overall it's well done, but some panels do not shine the same as the rest, some have little bumps etc. Then again, Takara's paint isnt all that great either. So let's take a look at this straight up replica.

Takara left, KO right

Takara hologram

KO hologram
Takara left, KO right

Takara gloss detail on figure. Notice the ribbing on the cardboard is pronounced.

KO gloss detail on figures. Notice the cardboard ribbing is more subdued and the reds are darker.

KO side panel. Notice the autobot logo is missing from Sideswipes chest. Probably the easiest way to spot KO
As you can see, vehicle mode is great. Seems to me like even the panels line up better than my Takara! I have huge gaps on the Takara and the panels on this KO aren't so bad.

Even form the back, the car looks clean. Notice how instead of Countach, it says "Cantach". Alo instead of Lamborghini, it says "Lamborgthl"

Weapon mode stores exactly the same.
Takara left, KO right. They look exactly the same. The red on the KO is a tad more vibrant. Also notice that there is a black edge detail surrounding the headlamps on the Takara where on the KO there is none.

Takara has the squinty eyes.

KO has non-squinty eyes which I actually prefer. Notice how nice the Autobot logo is printed, albeit slightly off to the side.
Takara says Countach

KO says "Cantach"

Takara left, KO right

Takara left, KO right
I'm not going to go on and make a discussion about whether or not KO should exist. We all know they are bad and they will probably always exist. It's up to you whether you choose to support it or not and if you choose to use them to scam somebody. I collect them because I find them fascinating. I'm the type of person to buy the original and also the KO, so I'm pretty much supporting the company that invested the time and money to make the original and then buying the KO because it's just amazing how well a copy can be made. Plus customizers may prefer to use a KO over an expensive original. Video comparison below.

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  1. Since i don't like buying the same model twice (aka: Repaints), and i bought Red Alert, i wasn't thinking of buying Sideswipe. But a Red Lamborghini is just too gorgeous looking, so i ended up ordering one off eBay, like you said for 40$ with shipping! (Original would cost me 105$ with the shipping costs, so that's a whopping over 60$ difference!).

    I've not received mine yet, but am wondering how it would end up being compared to yours!