Monday, September 16, 2013


While waiting on my Choriko Robo Galatt figure, I read about problems people were having with standing this figure up. When I got mine, I stood it up and its been standing there ever since. It seems the legs do a split. I was looking to see why and it seems there are TEENY and I do mean TEENY little tabs that have been given the job of holding all this diecast weight together. A rather poor design I agree.

So here is my figure. Normally the figure doesn't like to stand at all. It would do a crazy split.

Upon closer inspection, I found that those two bars that run down have teeny hooks at the ends. Those "hooks" snap underneath those openings in the legs. Fiddling around by moving the butt piece away from the figure allowed me to see that there are also hooks on the opposite sides of the leg making a total of four hooks that have to tab in. While I eventually got them to snap in together I felt that eventually this would wear down. What a crappy design to be honest. If the entire hook piece tabbed underneath, it would probably hold better, but it's the very teeny tooth on the hook that tabs in...barely. On top of that they are stressed from the legs wanting to pull out.

I wasn't happy with eventually wearing out the tabs, so I devised a different way of keeping the legs together. You know those clear elastic bands that come with almost every action figure? I used one of those and wrapped it around the top of the thighs. I lifted with skirt flaps so you can see it a little bit better.
Depending on what size elastic band you use, you may need some more tension. I used an elastic from the packaging fo the 6" Stormtrooper which was a little too big, so instead of double it up and making too much tension, I just hooked the elastic around the butt piece for a little more tension.
Once you have it situated how you want it, fold the skirts down.
Once you swing down the crotch wings, its invisible! Enjoy.
This only fixes the legs from splitting apart when not using the built in hooks. If the legs still split, try using a smaller elastic for more tension. If your figure suffers from loose ankle then this fix won't help.

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