Friday, May 2, 2014

EX Gokin Transformers Optimus Prime Convoy and Grimlock robot diecast figures

EX Gokin Optimus Prime (Convoy) from Transformers

Rounding out their EX Gokin Transformers is Art Storm's non-transformable take on Convoy (Optimus Prime)! This diecast action figure will feature an opening Matrix compartment, multiple hands, and his trademark Ion Blaster. He will stand 17 centimeters tall. Coming December 2014. Price is to be announced.

EX Gokin Grimlock from Transformers

Art Storm is creating several non-transforming high end diecast action figures of popular Transformers characters. Here is the fan favorite Dinobot Leader, Grimlock! This figure will stand 18 centimeters tall and features two different heads to represent the two designs seen in the cartoon. He will also include his trademark double barreled laser rifle and sword. Coming October 2014. Price is to be announced.

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