Friday, May 2, 2014

MP-17 KO Prowl Review from

Guys, I finally got my KO Prowl. I got mine from my friends at The figure is well made and I am enjoying it more than my original because my original is a display queen. This allows me to transform this a bunch of times and not worry about messing up the real one. You can grab yours here and if you use the code RPA5 at checkout, you get a $5 discount. Also, spend $150 or more and get 10% total order. Check out unboxing/comparison/review video below.


  1. Hello, I'm thinking about ordering from TF-Direct, but I can't find any other online reviews of this retailer except for your post here. Besides this Prowl, have you ever ordered again from TF-Direct? Would you recommend them? Thank you.

    1. TF-Direct is a good site, they're pretty new. Only been around since April, I've ordered from them 3 times.