Friday, May 2, 2014

ReproLabels: Popy Dairugger DX / Matchbox Vehicle Voltron I

Reprolabels has produced a set of sticker sets to make your vintage Vehicle Voltron stand out. It can be done up as Dairugger or Voltron. We need these for the Miracle Voltron too please!


  1. Michael Cabrera (mrclean08)May 27, 2014 at 12:08 AM

    Did the original Popy Deluxe Kikougattai KikouKantai Dairugger XV have these exact stickers? Or are these Dairugger stickers custom?

  2. The photos on the left side of each image above are replicas of the Popy/Bandai Dairugger DX stickers. The photos on the right side of each image above show extra included stickers that give your Vehicle Team Voltron / Voltron I a Dairugger look... and with even more extras, such as headlights for #12 and #13, taillights for #14 and #15, lights for #11, extra vertical stabilizer decals for #2, and extra forehead crests for #1.