Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chogokin HoiHoi-San review

Ok, it didn't take me long to decide on what route I was going to take with the review for this HoiHoi-San Chogokin. I will only be doing the review for my blog since it's a rather simplistic review and I do not have comfortable access to my review space.

A little backstory according to Wikipedia:
"In the year 20XX, insects have become immune to all pesticides. To combat the rising plague of cockroaches and other household pests, the tiny, doll-like extermination androids known as "Hoihoi-san" were created. They can hunt down insects and kill them with such miniaturized weapons as minuscule machine guns and tiny combat knives. They can also (and at the same time) be treated as dolls, by dressing them up in costumes and buying accessories for them. The main robot of the anime wears a maid uniform and rabbit ears as accessories."

I introduce to you HoiHoi-San. She comes in a small cubish box with wonderful graphics.
Once inside, you'll find her lying down in a small plastic tray on top of other accessory trays. Pop her out of the box, attach her hair bit and her antenna and you get this.

Her face is very well done. It has a smooth, non-shiny flesh tone to it. Her expressionless eyes have a good bit of detail to them.

If you think that her default face is a little too expressionless, you can always use the included optional faces which I believe only come with the very first release of this figure.

From the back, you can see her long curled up hair which is also nicely detailed with very faint airbrushing details.

You'll notice in the picture above that her antenna are attached to the back of her head. Removing it will reveal the plug which is actually made of metal like a real plug.

A really cool gimmick that is included with this set is a charging station. If she were real, you could charge her when her batteries are low. If you swap out her shoes for alternate bare feet, you will see that there are contacts on the bottoms.

This is the charging dock for HoiHoi-San. All you have to do is place her onto the stand...

...and as soon as she makes contact with the leads, the charging light comes on! Very cool indeed.

She comes with a big blue gun that is painted very very nicely in a matte finish. Note how her finger grasp the handle perfectly.

She also comes with a nicely painted little white gun...

...and a nicely detailed chromed blade sword.

All three weapons can be stored on the side of her base.

As she is a Chogokin, there are metal bits to be found, but most are up here somewhere.

The only other parts of the set are alternate hands. She has her standard closed fists, gun/sword hands, open hands and an "L" shaped hand.
This Chogokin is definitely NOT for everyone. Even if you liked Panda-Z, this may be a stretch for you. However it is very well made, nicely detailed and very well executed. Since it is made in 1:1 scales, she is pretty small. If I had to eyeball it I would say 4". She would be much cooler if she actually killed roaches. I guess give Bandai another 30 years and our wish will come true.

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