Friday, June 24, 2011

D-Style Ingram AV-98 2

Ok, so I got a bit cocky because I successfully painted a couple of Transformers. I decided to actually paint this D-Style kit. Its the 3rd one Ive done, The previous two I did not paint, however I tried my luck. Luck was nowhere to be found. First mistake was I decided to try a new brand of spray paint. Ive had luck using duplicolor car paint so I obviously switched it up because that makes sense to switch when youve already found what works. So this new paint went on rough because its a base color. It went on shiny but dried rough and flat since it was meant to be wet sanded. So I clear coated it. All it did was makes the roughness shiny. Instead of scrapping the kit or repainting (I had already applied water slide decals- which by the way are necessary if you paint the kit because the kit comes ready to snap together with factory decals and has some paint details out of the box.) Anyways, the end result wasn't too bad. A little rough, but looks nice enough to me. Since these are plastic kits, I stuff any empty spaces with sculpey to give it some weight. If you decide to panel line with a Gundam and decide to clear coat over it, clear coat carefully because the clear may eat into your panel line ink and make the lines look blurry. I may redo this kit in the future properly so that it shines like a new gokin...Maybe.

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