Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some new cheap bootleg robots- Macres Valkyrie & V Robot Iron Car

I knew I had to pick these two guys up. I had this knockoff valkyrie in different colors as a kid and felt some nostalgia for it. What I love about it is that they renamed it "Macres" which is obviously supposed to look and sound like Macross. It's called a Battroid Valkyrie but instead of Gerwalk mode, they call it a "Giant Moth" mode.

I love Iron Gear and can seem to get enough of these into my collection. Trying to piece together my original plastic Iron Gear. Almost there. These were easily found in Chinatown in the 80's as a kid for about $2. There were so many different robots to be found back then. Now it's cheesy knockoff Power Rangers/Spiderman figures that are found.
Valkyrie Box


Valkyrie figure

Iron Gear KO


  1. hello, I am so very interested in getting the IronCar robot, I had one when I was a kid, my mother gave it to me as a gift and I lost it in my primary school playing, I got home and when I did not see my robot broke to tears, even in my dreams I dream of getting it back, I live in Bogota - Colombia - South America, is there any posibility for me to purchase one ironcar ??? Please answer my petition and thanks a lot for the post !!!

    Att: Juan Castrillón


  2. this is an old post however I have one of these in good condition in the original box. Yrobot ironcar # 306