Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chogokin HoiHoi-San Unboxing

Just wanted to show you guys this new release I got today. I only unboxed it and made a really quick video so you guys can check it out before I MAYBE do a full review on it. The figure doesn't really scream "REVIEW ME" as it's not generally my cup of tea but it is a robot. If I get enough requests, I will take a stab at it. Whether I do it on my Youtube channel or collectiondx's all depends on how in depth or serious it will be. If you don't know about this doll, apparently roaches take over Japan and bug spray doesn't work. So you can go out and buy cute exterminator bots to kill roaches for you with tiny machine guns. I believe this figure is 1:1 scale which means it's teeny. A little over 4" maybe?

HOIHOI-San Interceptor Doll
Impressions so far. Fair amount of accessories, including a bonus extra faces package that is supposedly only part of the first preorder release of the figure. The figure almost seems like it is a plastic action Figma-type figure but it does have some diecast within. It's not terribly heavy but it does have diecast. I cant tell where due to the heat in here. The picture shows her as-is from the box. I have not put on her antenna ears nor her "alfalfa" hair on top.

Unboxing video:

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  1. charles this new format with the collection background is excellent. not to mention the whole picture,everything looks so great.