Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bandai Ben 10 Way Big figure

I was at Walmart and grabbed a 4" Lion-O and a Wilykat. Then I saw this Way Big figure. I already have a 4" Lion-O and Wilykat is sure to be a peg warmer in no time, so I dropped those and got Way Big. He just looked so cool in an Ultramanish way. I was also going to grab a NRG figure because he has a light up gimmick, but I'll put that on hold for now. Here is Way Big.

After taking him out, he wasn't what I expected. I don't really know what it is. Maybe I expected him to be more articulated or maybe I expected the growing gimmick to be don e differently. I almost was wanting the entire figure to be made of PVC. Instead, only his arms and ball-jointed hands are PVC. The rest is a hard shiny plastic.

When I looked at the back of the legs, they looked really weird. You can see where his thighs just fold against the back of the shins. His knees form the heels. I would much rather have him be all PVC with pull out legs.

To make him big, you pull the head and fin out, pull the forearms out and unfold the legs. The legs sort of snap in the extended position but aren't what I call sturdy.

In the tall form, you see the mess left over from the legs. OK, I know I love Transformers and they sometimes have hollow legs, but they are transforming from a vehicle into a robot.

Here is a side by side comparison to show the height difference. It is a good deal taller.

Overall it is a great looking figure from the front, but that's it. The only articulated parts are the shoulders and hands. That's it. The leg gimmick isn't solid, I can imagine this thing becoming a floppy mess after a couple of "growths" because the legs do not lock securely. Granted it is designed for kids who only pay attention to their toys for a matter of minutes and move on, but those five minutes are filled with a overly complicated floppy gimmick. Pull out legs done in the same way the arms were done would have been better, but it may have affected the sculpt. This figure is "meh" from the waist down. Now for us collectors, this thing does have nice shelf presence, it is a bright white, has a nice sculpt and looks darn good. Look to spend around $11-$15 for this figure.

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