Thursday, September 8, 2011

Raymundo Mecha Gorilla (Mechani-Kong) - Open Mouth Silver Version & Bomb Belt Silver Version

Who doesn't like a Mecha version of anything? There's Mecha Godzilla, Mecha Gomora and probably a couple of others. Today I have 2 Mecha Gorillas by Raymundo. They are vinyl figures of a you guess it, mechanized Gorilla. More specifically Mechani-Kong from "Godzilla Escapes". Apparently they do not have the license to use that name. I bought these because they were on clearance and looked pretty cool. I had seen them before at their regular price of $59.99 but I didn't like it enough to bite. That's some big dough for a modern vinyl. However, at $16 and $17, it was a little more acceptable. I mean, two big Mecha Gorilla vinyls for just over $30? Why not. Well, I got them today and boy am I glad I held off for clearance pricing. These things are smaller than I expected, I was dreaming of 9" tall Mecha Gorillas.  Smaller than Bandai vinyls which are much cheaper. Apparently, Raymundo does not manufacture these in the quantities that Bandai can,  so the original price reflects that. Even at clearance they are more expensive than Bandai vinyl.

Anyways, on with the figures. Here is the first of the lot, the Open Mouth Silver Version.

Here is the Bomb Belt Silver Version.

Size comparison with a Bandai Mecha Godzilla.I'm not sure if they are in scale with each other. Probably not.

Both figures needed to have their arms out to maintain their balance. While I like the design and finish of the figures, I can't believe they retail for $60, even at $17, they seem pricey, but in all fairness, they are made by a small company in limited numbers so they need to recoup costs and make a profit. The sculpts are beautiful and it's a nice quality figure. If you like em, get em while they're cheap online at that big toy store. I don't know how many these silver versions are limited to, but the normal versions of these two are limited to 250.

To end this review off, I wanted to show you guys the header card it comes with. Interesting, no?

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