Saturday, September 24, 2011

I got the Star Wars bug...again.

I was so happy when I finally stopped buying POTF when it first came out. It was annoying trying to buy every figure and very expensive. Suddenly I just stopped collecting them for no apparent reason. Fast forward a few years later. I kept picking up Darth Vaders here and there never opening them. Then I bought a Vintage Collection Darth Vader and Stormtrooper. I decided to open them and then the bug hit me. These things were frigging awesome! I mean, last time I actually held a Star Wars figure out of its package was in the 80's. They had 2-5 points of articulation. Now they have like 14?! Wow. So then that started the process of buying up a few Stormtroopers to go with my Darth Vader on display. Then another, then another. I've lost count. Then I started contemplating buying other figures but thankfully I resisted. I only bought a couple of Snowtroopers cause they are darn cool too.
I actually bought 2 Vaders. 1 Vintage collection and a Saga Legends SL06. There is my old unplayed with real vintage vader hanging out. I couldn't resist a light and sound R2 for $5 (sale)

So the other day, I took a trip to Walmart and walked by the newly released Blu Ray movies. I picked up the IV-VI set because really, the "first" three just dont do it for me. Hayden Christiansen as the almighty Darth Vader? Anyways, I was about to put it back and thought.."Man, it would be nice to watch this in Hi-Def" so I took it with me. I walked a little further and found commemorative box sets of figures. A set for every episode. I grabbed matching figure sets... I done did it now. I have been fighting with myself the past few days...return it? or not return it. Can't decide. I really like the figures but I'm not ready to plop down 80 bucks for 'em. They would probably stay in the package anyways since I have no clue how I would display them properly. Stormtroopers are easy. 12 various figures? not so easy.
I am contemplating doing the review of these figures on

I could live without Lukes and Leias and Han Solos, but they are just so nicely done. Sure I could buy the single packs but I would end up spending way more. 4 figures for $25 isnt too bad when they are like $9 a pop seperate. They put in what I consider to be the best versions of each figure. The Leia one looks like Leia, the Darth Vader has a removable helmet, the Stormtroopers, well you know they rock. R2-D2 is chromed up, There is a Sandtrooper which I dont have yet and the really really cool Biker Scout. I have always loved Biker Scouts...can't find single packs of him so he is sort of keeping me from returning the set. It's so nicely done.

So today I found another reason to buy more Stormtroopers. It turns out they are updating the Vintage Collection Stormtroopers with a more accurate helmet and abs paint app. The eyes now look like eyes instead of goggles. Crap. I also noticed the helmets on the newer trooper are actually white instead of the yellowed look the other ones have. The helmets even look a bit less swollen. Of course, most of my army has yellowed helmets. From now on I will only buy the updated ones. I'll do a post showing the differences soon.
Notice the unibrow. New ones don't have that. The little buttons on his abs are now detailed. Note the yellowness of this helmet.
I can't help but think that Lucasfilm has implanted subliminal messages because I was not even paying attention to the release date of the Blu Ray movies and it just so happens that my buying frenzy started on the day of it's release and I had no clue it was release day...coincidence?

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