Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bandai Thundercats 6" Panthro figure

So, I don't know how far you are in watching the new Thundercats but if you are already watching it then good, if not skip over this paragraph, I don't want to spoil anything for you. SPOILER ALERT>>>>So yeah at the very beginning we find out Panthro is dead which was a bummer, but then all was fine when we found out he wasn't. That's a good thing because we get a nice figure of him.

He is probably one of the coolest designs in the line but he isn't perfect. Read on to find out more.

He comes in your standard Bandai Thundercats blister which wraps around the card and is easily opened with a hobby knife. Since there is no damage to the box this way, you can easily place the figure back in his blister.

Panthro is a very good 6-inch figure but his legs feel a bit noodly to me. It may me the weather making the PVC soft  but they seemed warped and uncooperative at times. I can see that the articulation in this figure carries over from their high end Japanese figures.

Panthros Nunchakus can be clipped on the back. They seem loose fitting at first as if they were to fall off but surprisingly they stay. Turns out the clip has a wider diameter lip than the rest of the clip so that allows it to clip rather securely.

The updated Panthro still manages to look like Panthro but he also ends up looking like Jet from Cowboy Bebop.
Jet- Cowboy Bebop

He comes with an additional Nunchaku set that is flexible so you can pose it. Unfortunately, an $18 doesn't get you a plastic chain. Hopefully it won't fatigue with use and snap. I mean couldn't they even paint the darn thing?
Here he is demonstrating his great articulation.

Like I said, he' a very good figure, but not perfect...really, no figure is. My only complaint was the soft legs which weren't even that bad. I have heard of some Panthros suffering from loose ankles which is quickly remedied by using Pledge floor polish with Future Shine on the joints. Not sure how that works, maybe the residue is sticky? Anyways, recommended.

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