Monday, November 14, 2011

Charlie Brown and Baby Super Mario vinyls

During my vacation to Colombia, I hit up a store called "Importados" that sells mostly Japanese themed stuff mixed in with other pop culture stuff. Sometimes they have some nice vinyls. I noticed they has a 2 for 1 sale so I grabbed a questionably licensed Ben 10 PVC figure for a little cousin of mine and that in turn set me up to pick something out for myself. My favorite of the lot was this Charle brown. I loved the sculpt and it was a nice size so it was to be mine. I also managed to pick up a small baby Super Mario vinyl from a little shop called Kimango which also sold imported toys.
It stands about 7-8" tall although I'm eyeballing it. It wasn't until I got home that I realized that this was a Medicom vinyl figure. There were no retail tags but the bottom of the feet revealed it's origin. I also discovered that it is articulated! The head rocks on a ball joint as do the shoulders. Not bad. You can see some sloppy gluing around the waist.

The nice sculpt continues to the back.

This is a small baby Mario. My wife has been on a Mario kick and with us having a baby girl and all, we figured it would be cool to pick it up. I wasn't down to buy the baby Luigi and baby princess during this visit. I planned to save it for a another day which unfortunately never came. Baby Mario was to be alone. The cool part of this figure is that the head and arms are articulated. The legs however, remain in a seated position. I always thought Mario was born with a moustache.

I will have to get someone in my family to pick up baby Luigi for me since I am back in the states now. I don't know the manufacturer of this little vinyl, but it is licensed by Nintendo. This little $5 figure paved the way towards a purchase of a brand new black Super Mario Nintendo Wii for my wife for Christmas... only to later find out a new Wii lurks near with HD capability. Hopefully she won't notice the non HD gaming.

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