Monday, November 14, 2011

Toy Sighting: Reveal the Shield Grapple and Lugnut Voyager figures for $9.99 at TJ-Maxx

I love hitting up these discount stores and unexpectedly finding some great stuff. This time around I went in  to look for baby stuff and ran into these RTS voyagers I have been waiting forever for and never saw anywhere. Funny how I've never seen these in toy stores, yet they already been relegated to deep discount stores. What's up with your distro Hasbro? I found Grapple and Lugnut in great shape and for a great price. $9.99 each. That's cheaper than a deluxe. They had another voyager fig that I had no interest in. I went back to get my friend a Lugnut and unfortunately, someone else had snatched them up. Maybe one of you guys may be lucky enough to find these at your local TJ-Maxx.

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