Sunday, November 13, 2011

Colombia Vacation Part 2

OK, so here is some more stuff from my vacation to Colombia. As you can see it's more food. I most definitely went there with intentions to get amazingly fat. However, the fat all went to my abs and maybe my head.
This is the McNifica. This meal cost $8888, which equates to roughly a little over $4US. Why on earth would I buy a McDonalds burger? Well, look at looks Incredible! You can actually see the meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato! The bun even looks normal. I have never gotten a McD's burger this handsome in my life. By the way, it tasted awesome. The fries were delicious and the Coca-Cola was absolutely refreshing. Turns out, they use sugar in their Coca-Cola as opposed to High Fructose Corn Syrup. If anyone (companies who use HFCS) tries and tell you that non-cane sugar foods taste the same as HFCS foods, put your boot in their butt. I think when they say Colombia has the best Coke, they are talking about the soft drink.

Taking pictures of a McDonalds burger with a big DSLR in front of the locals does nothing to make me look like a tourist who has never seen a burger, not at all.

Here is one of the most delicious snacks on earth. They are called Buñuelos. Although they taste great anytime, the best is right out of the fryer when they are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Here we are waiting for a fresh Arepa con queso (Arepa with cheese). An Arepa is quite possible the most delicious corn food on the planet if done right. If you buy one here in the US and it's "meh" DO NOT assume this is typical. They are friggin' delicious. They are normally very thin, but these here off to the left are stuffed with cheese. The food with skewers are called Chuzos. Most "z" in spanish are pronounced with a "ss" sound. So Chuzos would be pronounced Chew-ssos. Above the arepas are monkey testicles. Just kidding... or am I?

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  1. That's a big change passing from a McDonald's burguer to a bunuelo and arepa from the street you didnt mentioned what city where you at when you tried that street food.