Sunday, November 13, 2011


Got this bad boy on eBay. Pretty strange but a piece of Ultraman history.
The packaging is simple. Box art is not the best but fits the vibe. This was released in a time where it was OK to blind your friends.

Apparently, there are pellets included. I am not sure if they are metal or plastic. They kind of sound metal to me. Of course I could open the package, but I think this is one of those things that becomes completely worthless and loses 100% of its charm once it's open. It's probably a piece of crap toy. The blue part seems to be the wrist band.

Here is the actual shooter portion of the toy. It looks pretty bad. I'm wondering how much play value this thing has. Did anyone in Japan that owned this play with it for more than two minutes before realizing they wasted their life away fiddling with this? Or is it more pathetic to be the person who buys this many decades later only to leave it in the package? You know you want one.

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