Monday, October 29, 2012

Bandai Golion and Korean Voltron Model kits

As most of my followers know, I bought a few Voltron items at Comic Con. Aside from the big sets, I bought two small kits. I don't plan on ever building them since I really only bought them for the artwork. The Bandai Golion kit is on the left and features a very classic representation on my favorite robot. The Korean kit shows a lesser seen rendition of this robot, but awesome nonetheless.
L: Bandai Golion R: Korean Voltron
Check out the kit contents below:


  1. You shouldn't complain about the Korean kit to much. The box says it's was a 500 Won kit. That was about 80 cents back in the '80s.
    I was stationed in South Korea for three years in the late '80s and picked up a lot of kits.

  2. Well it wasnt really a complaint however regardless ofprice, the y had to tool this up. The choice in odd proportions of the yellow lion head was strange seeing as the blue lion was spot on. Dont get me wrong I love the kit.

  3. Mandarake is actually a chain with around 10 locations around Japan, and they're not really small at all. The one in Akihabara is eight stories tall!

    It's an awesome store if you're a toy collector (or like manga/anime and know Japanese).

    I've seen the two Bandai versions (yours and a larger one that separates into lions), but I've never seen that Korean one. It looks like an even smaller version. Hm!