Monday, October 29, 2012

My favs of Tamashii Nations 2012: Diecast Gunpla and Chogokin Mazinger Z Rocket Punch

Out of all the stuff I've seen from the coverage of Tamashii nations (Aside from the GX-62 Dangurad Ace) these are the two things I'm looking forward to because they look like they are loaded with diecast.

Pictures courtesy of (check full coverage there)
DIECAST GUNPLA?!!!! This is amazing to me...What will it be called? GunMetal? Can't be called Gun"PLA". I wonder how diehard Gunpla people feel about this. I for one will love it and hump it. It's an RX-78-2!
I heard about this a little while back and I didn't know what it was...I still don't but I do see Chogokin logos in the back. Will this be a solid metal Mazinger Z fist? Or a fully articulated Maznger Z fist? Either way, really cool. Kind of goes with my whole Rocket Punch theme.

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