Monday, October 29, 2012

Fewture EX Gokin Gatchaman G-5 God Phoenix Repaint Version

As a very young kid, I found myself catching a fair amount of Battle of the Planets episodes. Battle of the Planets was based off of the Japanese anime Gatchaman. It was also known as G-Force and Eagle Riders(?). Fewture has re-released their Unit G-5 gokin in repainted colors. I don't exactly know what difference there is in the paint as I don't have the original.

Honestly, I really like that this was made. However I wish it didn't have little problems that a small $100 diecast shouldn't  have. Problems like bad paint apps that are gone over by hand with a brush. It makes it look sloppy. On a huge piece, this would be unnoticeable, but on a tiny diecast, it's an eyesore. For big fans only.

The box is exactly what you would expect from a high end collectible. Thick corrugated cardboard box with foil lettering and colorful graphics.
Again, high end packaging here folks. Super thick styrofoam holding all the contents in place.
It is a very beautiful piece that is mostly diecast metal. It feels good in the hands. From this distance, you don't notice much of the imperfections.
The G-5 looks awesome in this view.
The set comes with some alternate booster pieces and some landing gear which surprisingly is metal. I guess maybe not surprisingly given the weight of the figure.

Again, maybe a bit too pricey given it's size. The price is probably due to a low number run (I assume.)

Here's my video review.

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