Monday, October 29, 2012

Comic Con Voltron Haul- Korean Diecast? New Lionbot box Variant?

I went to Comic Con to do coverage for I didn't have any plans to buy anything but of course I spent a few bucks there...more than I could ever imagine. Aside from dumping a load of cash on Gunpla (which I never thought I'd start up again) I also came across some exciting Voltron items.
JoshB of CDX spotted these in a corner and my traction beam was activated.
Now here's the thing that makes this find special:
- The Korean Set had DIECAST lions in it (Korean sets are all plastic)
- The Trendmasters set happened to not even be a Trendmasters set- it was a variant LIONBOT box!
- These belonged to the owner of Media-Blasters, the makers of the Voltron DVD and they had a very important role in the making of the DVDs!

OK, I nerded way too much as is evident in the video I made for CDX. Read the full story by checking out the article I did for CollectionDX.

If you want an in depth look at the two sets, check out this video:
So happy...
...happy like a little girl.

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