Sunday, July 24, 2011

New baby, TFs, 23" Voltron and more

Ok, so I've been gone a while. Just had a beautiful baby girl, so all of my attention has been centered on her. I'm trying to get her to play with Ultraman toys but she's not having it. She can't really control her movements so I will have to wait til she develops more coordination. 16 days is probably too young to play with anything. Now that she's getting some rest I figured I would try and catch up with some stuff here on my blog.

So what's new? I've picked up some new Transformers figures. I finally found Wheeljack and Warpath. I really like Wheeljack. In fact I did a review of it. I haven't taken pics of Warpath. Hopefully I will soon cause it's a darn nice figure.

He is basically a repaint of Turbo Tracks, however, I've read that this mold was designed especially for Wheeljack. There are enough changes on it to simply call it a repaint.
Still havent found the Reveal the Shield classic Legends transformer figures? Don't wanna pay ebay prices? What if I told you you can find all or most of these for only $3? Well if you have a local Five Below store, hit em up. Seems they bought a crapload of these and they want to get rid of em at this price. I managed to get 5 out of the six for me and some friends.


So today is the big day...for Voltron fans. Mattel is issuing a 23" Voltron! Each lion can hold a 3.75" figure! Awesome. It looks pretty loyal to the classic series. It can be purchased today on for the scary price of $290 plus shipping. The good news is that it's a subscription. Meaning, you only get charged when each individual piece gets shipped out. The perk of the subscription is the safety of being able to get every piece without having to deal with the secondary market and the fact that you get an exclusive Sven figure. You can opt to just buy the pieces, but you risk having them sell out and having to hit up eBay or the like if you don't complete the collection.

Picture is from
 With each shipment you get a piece to complete a Blazing Sword with light effect as seen at the base of the pic above. This is what the figures will look like.

Also shown at the 2011 SDCC is the new Voltron that is catered to kids. While the mech design is acceptable, the cartoon is pure shit. Pure garbage in my opinion. Granted, watching the old Voltron gets really corny because it was a watered-down version of Golion, the grandness and magic for lack of a better word is severely lacking. Voltron is still going strong to this day due to us older collectors because it was special. If the only Voltron that ever existed was this new one today, I highly doubt it would carry on as strong. If they had plans to keep it strong for a while, they should have done the animation better. The drawing style and look is straight off a generic kid's cereal commercial. Simply horrid. The old animation was done with love and care. At least it's drawn like it is. The later Korean made Voltron episodes that were commissioned due to Voltron's popularity were still worlds better than this new crap. OK, the mech is passable, but OMG, the animation sucks and their effort in using cool-kid words like "sweet" to describe things is really cheesy. Check it out below, see what you think

Anyways, like I was saying, they showed a figure of the new Voltron from the kid's show. It's obviously a rough prototype, but I want it.


Just ordered a vintage Takatoku Mugen Calibur figure so I'm stoked. Can't wait to show it to you guys. I also ordered a Vintage Destroid Monster to go along with it. So stay tuned. I got a bunch of stuff lately that rolled through here but since I don't have much room here it goes to storage. It either gets reviewed for CollectionDX or I take a quick look at it and put it away. I really wish I had some money to make a really nice display room. Maybe some day.

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Stay tuned for more. I have some new Transformer stickers from I'll be showing you guys how my G1 Devastator knockoff came out.

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