Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bandai Thundercats 6" Mumm-Ra figure

If you read my post about the 4" Mumm-Ra, you'll remember I said little 4" Mumm-ra was a bit of a peg-warmer. Well his "changed form" is not in that peg-warming club. It was a little harder to find this one, but I got it and I love it. Obvioulsly a much more articulated figure than the entry level 4". It comes with tons of accessory pieces- alternate hands, huge claw, sword and a huge flame shaped double ended sword-weapon thingy.

Look at all the body seperations...LOTS of articulation points!

The red headpiece and the two bandages flowing from the side of the head have to be attached to the figure. You need to remove the helmet to do this.

Here you can see one of the two alternate hands it comes with to hold a weapon.

This ia a crazy-ass weapon! It's actually two bladed weapons that come together to form one huge one. Also check out the outrageous arm claw! Its got really long fingers.

Man, I used to think the old Mumm-Ra was cool... Now he just looks like a zombie Mike Tyson. Too bad I lost the head piece.
If you want one of these, they are about $17.99 a pop. Hopefully they get easier to find.


  1. The Old One is still Cool, I Also Lost the Head Piece of my Vintage Mumm Ra

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