Thursday, October 20, 2011

Star Wars The Birth of Darth Vader Battle Pack

Sometimes it's hard to go toy shopping with my wife because we always go to Babies R Us and where there's a BRU, there a..well you know. So I always hit it up with absolutely no intention of picking anything up, but that would be a disservice to my readers now wouldn't it? So I saw the usual crap that I could hold off on because it's not a priority (although that Universal Monsters Dracula figure was soooo tempting). I walked by the usual Star Wars/Transformers isle and was about to leave when it caught my eye. The Birth of Darth Vader. What? my most favorite character has a playset that recreates the most awesome event of the 3 new/old movies? I grabbed it and ran off to show my wife like all little kids do in hopes of their mom buying it. Except my wife isn't buying it. I show her and she says I know you want it so get it, you bought more expensive things in the past, why stop there? Awesome. Gotta love credit cards. It wasn't ridiculous but it was $25 which buys a good amount of other stuff. Had there been others there I could have held off but too many times in the past I do that only to never ever ever find it again. Almost did that with the 14" Lion-O figure and that thing is IMPOSSIBLE to find in any store. Anyways here it is. I can't get myself to open it because it just looks so cool in the box. Like a peek into the movie.
Included in the set is 2-1B, Darth Vader Anakin damaged version with operating table and Galactic Chopper

Anakin's face is freshly burnt. The fat forearm is removable and so are his legs.

The helmet and chest piece are removable.


Galactic Chopper

Even though the illustration shows a robotic arm holding Darth Vader's helmet, I don't think it's included in the set. Only the figures and the operating table.

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