Sunday, October 9, 2011

Takara MP-10 Convoy Masterpiece Optimus Prime

I've been a little slow with info on this site, but I assure you it's for good reasons. One of those reasons is that I'm working on tons of reviews for One of them is this MP-10 review. I am not 100% sure it will end up on CDX since I have other stuff I'm doing for them but hopefully I can post it up there. I gulped when I took it out of the package because it was light and plasticky but I like it WAY more than my MP-01 and believe me I love diecast robots. The MP-10 is just right in so many ways. I'm almost done taking pics and I am working on part 2 of the video review for RPA.In the meantime, here are some teaser pics and part one of the video review. EDIT 10/20/11: I will be doing the review for CDX!

Part 1 of the MP-10 Review

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