Tuesday, September 25, 2012

99% Diecast Colombian made Mazinger Z chogokin robot figure

My friend Leonardo had mentioned at some point that he was able to cast diecast pieces and showed me this little project of his. He took an old plastic Mazinger Z figure, cast diecast parts out of it and created this work of art. The fists were sculpted by local Colombian artisans and the Scrander was scratch built. The Scrander also has diecast parts by the way. The figure is completely diecast except for the scrander wings which are Acrylic.

The original figure did not have joints, so these had to be fabricated. The hole in the back was also made into the mold to hold the Scrander. Instead of using regular paint, the paint on this is a very strong resistant coating used in heavy duty manufacturing. The face is hand painted giving it a great vintage look.

During a visit to Colombia, I got to handle this wonderful figure. When I was about to leave for the night, Leo gave me this as a gift and I freaked! From the moment I got this to the moment it landed with me in the US, it endured being tossed around car door pockets, TSA handling, jean pockets and other stuff. In the end it was OK and now being taken care of like all other one of a kind art.

Custom Scrander

One of a kind. Thanks Leo!

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