Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mark Gyakuten-Oh Pocket Gokin

This is a cool little diecast that serves as a reminder of the olden days of Super Robot toys. Simple but nice.
The artwork alone is worth the price of entry, which isn't much by the way. Very colorful and happy.

The back is not as interesting but colorful nonetheless.

Gyakuten-Oh comes in a teeny Styrofoam tray with accessories at his side.

Here is a size comparison with a common Transformers Constructicon.

He stands very stoic and confident.

The back is nothing much to look at.

His head is not chrome in the anime, but the designers felt it was a good idea for the toy. Color accuracy is of no importance in this toy.

The plain back can be made a bit more interesting by installing the included chrome wingset.

The only Included weapon is this big blade.

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