Tuesday, September 25, 2012

GX-47N Energer Z Normal Tamashii Exclusive

I seem to come across pictures of stuff I meant to cover here on the site and they got lost in the shuffle. This Bandai Soul of Chogokin Energer-Z GX-47N is one of them. Well here it is for you guys to enjoy!

Energer-Z comes in this rather simple box
Like the GX-45 Mazinger Z it is based on, it is beutifully finished with very glossy paint and heaps of diecast
His "cape" is actually a ramp up which the motorcycle rides up to dock to his head
Behind him, is the regular GX-47 Energer Z in it's meltdown colors. Another beautiful figure although not very popular with fans as made evident by it's clearance pricing.
Side by side, you will see they are identical. It's up to you which one you want to get

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