Wednesday, September 19, 2012

iGear PP-05M Medical Specialist Not-Ratchet Transformers

Just an update for an upcoming review on I just received this awesome Third Party iGear PP-05M Medical Specialist transforming robot from the great folks at This is obviously Ratchet from Transformers. This figure does a great job of looking like his G1 onscreen appearance. It is a great size and looks great. Quality seems better than I expected- it even has diecast parts. Make sure to visit collectiondx within the next few days to check out the full review and transformation video. In the meantime, enjoy these teases. By the way, this is also available in Ironhide colors!

He looks great doesn't he? In that box is a load of accessories that includes two more heads!

To get a sense of scale, here he is with Classics Rodimus.

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