Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dream EX Goraion Gokin Voltron Golion SD diecast robot figure

I'm slowly moving into this new apartment. I barely have any robots here but this bad boy showed up within the first couple of days of moving in. It's the Dream EX Defender of the Universe Goraion based on the insanely popular and much loved Voltron or as he is known in Japan, Golion. In fact, the name of the figure is basically spelled in the way the Japanese would pronounce "Golion". Why not just call it Golion you ask? Well, it's not licensed you see. It's a third party Gokin figure. Supposedly they are working on a diecast Vehicle Voltron too. These pictures are a sneak peek of what you will see on my review for CollectionDX.com

Check out a small video I made.

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