Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Takara TG-20 Senator Ratbat Transformers Generations figure

Because of moving into my new apartment, I havent had much of a chance to enjoy some of my bots lately, but today I finally got around to opening this new figure I got. The Senator Ratbat figure. I have had this on preorder since I found out about it a while back. I had to get it. The colors really looked good to me and is primarily the reason I got this. Oh and I love the Scourge mold this is based on. Not so much based on, it IS the Scourge mold save for the head and colors. The purple you see on the figure is actually a pearlescent purple plastic. The only purple paint to be found is on the head. Look to pay about $40 at popular outlets.

Retractable landing gear.
Beautiful paint apps. It's rare for me to justify paying more than double for a figure, but the attention to detail makes it worth it.
The weapons can be stored out back in the wings.
The guns can combine together to forma bigger gun. (Not shown)
So get this, it has a third supposedly unofficial mode which is a Bat Mode. I know the Scourge figure showed a different head in the instructions which teased a future figure but I'm not exactly sure if it was this head that was shown. In any case, I believe this mold was made with this mode and character in mind...I'll go so far as to say Ratbat is the reason for this mold instead of Scourge which is a couple of years old already. I refuse to believe the Bat Mode is a coincidence. Look below at how the wings unfold and create batwings. Also note how the corners of the wings have angled "hands". How about the way the face can be angled down to give the appearance of a bat head. Look at the back of the feet, they look like claws!

So we've had this mold (Scourge) all this time and never knew it was a triple changer. Awesome stuff.

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