Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sideshow Tamashii Chogokin C-3PO 1/6 scale diecast droid figure

Holy moly... this things never ceases to amaze me. I have been longing this since I first held an unfinished prototype. This thing is pretty much all diecast and insanely heavy. This is a collaboration between Sideshow Collectibles and Tamashii Nations. I think its more like totally Tamashii Nations and Sideshow serving as a way for Bandai to have a license to sell a 1/6 C-3PO. Good news is that you can pay for this guy in installments using Sideshow's Flex pay. I hope they sell enough of these to warrant the making of R2-D2. If you are a fan of C-3PO and can shell out $400, maybe less now, then go for it. I highly recommend this figure. Literally one of the most beautiful pieces in my entire collection. Museum quality stuff here guys.

Figure comes in a dense Styro tray with protective plastic covering.

The figure photographs beautifully
This is the included stand with metal nameplate and metal rod with a little piece of the ship's background.

Working pistons!
Real wires, but no live current running through them.

You are staring at pure metal.

The back of the head, also metal, can be removed to reveal a tab which must be removed to use LED feature. Switch is also inside the head which may be a little inconvenient, but avoids and unsightly parts on the exterior.
The LED feature is rather bright but this photograph really exaggerates it. It is not as bright as you see here, but it is a little on the bluish side whereas it should be yellow and dim somewhat. There are mods to correct this and can be found online.

It has a restraining bolt that attaches by use of magnets.

There is also an included Comlink. There is an alternate hand for holding this, but I chose to photograph it with the standard hand.

There is no denying that this is a VERY expensive figure. However, most 1/6 scale toys are plastic and cloth and can cost $250-300 or more. This figure can be had for about the same if you know where to look.

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