Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vintage Popy Ultraman vinyl

Once in a while I come across some cool little cheap vinyl. Got these guys for $20. Don't know the year but the condition and sculpt points towards vintage. I love the look of Japanese vinyl. It has a cool shiny look to it that I dont find in modern chinese Bandai vinyl. My daugter is going to go crazy when she sees these on display!
Some collectors my scoff at the idea of picking up figures in this condition, but I actually don't mind. This figure shows it was lovingly played with by a child who probably used his imagination to pretend he was fighting some huge Kaiju. This figure is about 5.5"

The back shows the Popy logo and "JAPAN" and what I can only assume is copyright info.

This is the other figure that came in the lot. It's a bit smaller, possibly 4.5". It is also well played with but not abused.
This figure also states Popy Japan.
If anyone can provide more info on these, that would be great.

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