Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lucky Rogers Add-On Junk-Armor - 01W Warrior armor set for Wreck Gar / Junkheap Transformers mold

My friend Julian from Colombia was kind enough to let me show you guys this cool third party set for the Wreck-Gar/Junkheap mold before I ship ot out to him. This is the Add-On Junk Armor - 01W warrior set. I think it's primarily made for Wreck-Gar (which was unavailable to me for review) since the colors don't quite match up to Junkheap. However, that didn't stop me from going forward with the review.

  • Warrior head
  • Spiked shoulder armor x2
  • Photon rifle
  • Chest armor
  • Spiked Shield
  • Spiked knee armor x2
Although I don't show it in this review, all accessories store in vehicle mode!

Small box keeps it simple with plain text design, Lucky Rogers logo and an illustration that highlights the included parts while blocking out the Hasbro product to keep Hasbro lawyers at bay. Hiring a good graphic artist and illustrator would do wonders for presentation and possibly sales. I always do enjoy some good artwork.
Say hello to my trusty Junkheap who has only seen motorcycle mode once...when he was taken out of the package. His colors don't really match this set, but Wreck Gar is in storage so he will have to do.

The pieces come in a little plastic tray with all the pieces nicely and efficiently laid out.

Junkheap with Warrior armor on. Very nice.
I am SOOO tempted to pick up a set (or sets) for myself to add onto my Wreck Gar. The materials used are top notch. It doesnt feel nor look cheap and fitment is great. There was no forcing on of parts and everything held on fine. At first I thought the parts may have been made of resin, but I think I was mistaking this for another Junkion set available from Maiden Japan.

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