Monday, July 25, 2011

Bandai 6.5" Classic Godzilla Vinyl figures- Gigan & Space Godzilla

I just love Godzilla. I used to watch any low budget giant monster flick as a kid, but my favorite above all was Godzilla. I used to have nightmares where I would open the door to my house and in the horizon was Godzilla walking towards us. It was very scary to say the least. While I don't have those nightmares anymore, I still surround myself with Godzilla stuff. I mostly collect whatever is cheap. Godzilla can be expensive if you try to only collect the really vintage stuff. Thankfully Bandai still provides us which cheap alternatives. What's awesome is that you can walk into Toys R Us and still find a few pegs full of Godzilla stuff. You can even find the big vinyl too. What's the deal? these things never go on sale, yet they never seem to sell. Well apparently they are because a new wave of freshly done box art has made it's way into TRU the past year. I failed miserable for not picking up the small Mecha Godzilla when I had it in my hands about a year ago. I didn't wanna spend the 11 bucks to get it, now it's not sold and eBay prices SUCK. So to avoid this happening again, I pick up all new Godzilla vinyl I see at TRU. I have all of them now that I found these two (except the small Mecha Godzilla!).

Space Godzilla

Gigan - Final Wars 2004
I happened upon SpaceGodzilla and Gigan a couple of days ago. The only two I've seen. I go to TRU a lot. A LOT. I gotta buy baby formula at Babies R Us so I always stop by the toy section. They are really cool cheap fun vinyl that you can let kids play with when they come over.

Gigan's face

Space Godzilla's face
If you like these, you can grab 'em at TRU for about $12.99 each.

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